Once upon a time in a pandemic

When money and power failed; confusion at its peak.

Car parks, harbors and hangars on holiday,

Alas! A virus with wings has taken the day.

From Asia to America, even Africa;

Antarctica and Europe, and as far as Australia

A deadly virus from Wuhan, the greatest threat to man.

Every nation, far and wide,

Sought for some divine shelter to hide

The bereavement of families on the rise

We all ran out of ideas, even wisdom couldn't suffice.

High and low, the rich and the poor all quarantined in hope

Perhaps in the coming days, we'd find grace to cope

Our good humor faded, as death became the fear of all

No parties, classes, movies or worship days,

Our homes have now become the only safe place

Wash your hands, wear a mask, our new anthem.

Who would have thought, perhaps not even one

That one day, the world will completely shut down

Swallowed up in a mess of economic meltdown

Whereas, a careful reflection on the fragileness of life

Has led us all to rely on the Giver life

As the days go by, we hope for a change of story

Our economy and health gradually finding recovery

The virus came dreadful and frightening

But we believe that through God, we shall overcome

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