Stronger Than god Himself

There's no god to save you
From the chaos of this world,
No invisible figure in the sky
To pull you from the waves
And keep you from drowning.
There's only you
And the moments between fighting
And giving up,
As your breath falters
And your heart tries to break
Free of your chest.
There's only you,
And the chasm below you
And your mind as it fumbles,
Looking for the answer to
Jump down or to leap forward,
Into the future,
Uncertain but hopeful.
Those moments where
You must reach down
And grasp the fire
You feel escaping you
And blow on it like a motherfucker
Until it ignites you
And carries you
Onward into the fucking wilderness.
A fire that no god or person can ever
Take from you,
As it is yours alone.
It is your healer, your guide, and your warrior
And you will be damned
That it will ever get that weak again
That Death would try to seduce you.
You are a survivor,
As powerful as any deity ever
Imagined to exist.
You will make it through,
Blazing and ascending from the
Wreckage as glorious as a phoenix
Rising from the ashes.
A feat that only you,
And you alone,
Will ever be able to make a claim to,
As you are the
Master of your own creation

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A poem inspired in part by Angel Haze's song Battlecry and my own experience as an Athiest and a survivor.