Your Struggle defines you.
Write it on your back, so the struggle stays behind you.
People ask me to smile I reply I'm trying too.
Try to forget the hard times but the streets just reminds you.
Seeing all the hurt that you wish that you were blind to.
Hiding from your problems but they seem to always find you.
Trying plan b, plan a had my mother worried.
Trying to be all I can be before my mother's burried.
It's like I'm running out of time so I'm trying to hurry.
Living in a world where we satisfied with barely.
Cause where I'm from you blessed just to grow up.
Committing crimes praying for the stress not to show up.
But truth be told you will run in to it one day.
Crash like you headed the wrong direction on a one way.
So struggle is something that I just a little used to.
The devil's real and in the name Jesus I rebuke you.

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