Struggle for existence

What did I do wrong?
Maybe the only thing I did wrong was that I followed my dream
Was it that bad a choice I made,
Going against the agendas that society claimed
Being a girl has restricted me to my parents domain
the colours that I wanted to paint in the canvas of my life
Have been drained away by the atrocities imposed upon me
Born with a desire to be something
Born with a desire to do something
Did I ever asked for anything
Then why were my wings clipped
Before I even learned how to open them
Were you that scared of my trust upon me
But this can only make me fall
It can not break me
Mind it I will stand again
I will stand again
To let the world know of my existence
To forever embed my name not on my grave
But in everyone's heart
To leave an unforgettable mark on their soul.

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