Struggle Nevah Ended!

It really doesn't matter if We come from east,west,north or south,
what is a factor is what proceed's from One's mouth.
Seeing and knowing that there is only One safe place to go,
got to Be wise in Our dealings and especially what We sow.
It's of no harm when this world set's We apart,
that's to Be expected when there is a change to right in One's heart.
Changing for the better is for Everyone's Own good,
and it's proper and befitting pay heed to truth which seh's All should.
In doing work for the Lord must not choose to do the wrong,
Days are coming that the wicked will see they were never strong.
You see,many times we will see most of this was all in their minds,
Not following the Lord it's mostly wrong that most will Be sure to find.
Staying with the truth is sure to keep One's heart warm,
Having faith in Jah is Our shield from this world's harm.
We know with the truth some will be offended,
But the wrong is still brewing for the struggle nevah ended.
When the truth comes sometimes the pain is not intended,
Truth is Waking up sleeping minds Believe,for the Struggle Nevah Ended! Amen

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