Struggle, Why Don't You?

wondering what went wrong i listen to the people who made their
world in a song.
It's hard to hide from lonely nights.
So many people said your bright, you got a future in your sight
don't go down the road were you have to fight.
Still hearing voices around me.
Gives me a feeling no one will ever see.
Even if they hold me back from what i want to be.
the pain in me is like fire and gasoline combined.
Heart broken like glass, my tears are temporary,they'll come but wont
Walking alone seeing what changed in time, the words to my favorite
song runs though my mind.
I cant live to fail, even after getting up from a fight that hurts,
like ones heart in jail.
This world was made to suffer its our choice to get up, be tougher.
No matter what i see or hear, it's up to me to believe what appears
in my eyes and comes though my ears.
People can tell a lie, but it isn't right when people have to die.
Its like a wave that washes over us, in god we trust.
We spread our wings and see who we really are, our eyes fill with
tears we got so far.
The heart beat in me and you was a map all along.
Telling us what to do,Hold us back now we'll still break through.
And we'll be glad to thank you...struggle why don't you?

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