Struggles of Life

Every day I struggle with these questions...
Who am I? Who do I live for? What am I?
What do I believe in? What do I love in life?
Why is every day is such a struggle?
Should I live my life the others would want me to
so hat they may be proud of my accomplishments?
Or should I live for me knowing I lived a happy life for myself?
With so many paths to take but only one could be taken.
Do we chose the right one? Do we chose the wrong one?
Do we chose the that others would want us to be on?
Or do we chose the one we know we should be on,
but afraid to take it and lose everything,
but gain something greater in the end?
We all make choices in life, but are we truly happy?
Have you ever made a decision where others have turned their backs,
but you still took that path all because you followed your heart?
I want to follow mine, but afraid to lose you.
I want to make you proud and not hide in shame.
I want to share my life, but afraid you will reject me.
I want my happiness to be yours, and your happiness to be mine.
I know your beliefs are different then mine,
but our heart and soul are the same.
I know it's hard to swallow something you don't believe in
or that you feel that I am out to hurt you.
This is my struggle every day
for you are the one person I never want to turn away with shame.
Please give me the okay to be me so that I can release my struggles
knowing that you won't be disappointed.

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