Struggles Within

My fingertips move across the page like a jazz song,
and as you read what I wrote, you fall into the melody.
My words describe a pain hidden along,
but my smile and my jokes hide the struggles within me.
Time and time again I try to tell myself I'm beautiful,
but then something happens and I feel like Shrek.
You know the story right?
A big, stupid, ugly ogre that no one likes,
that's how I feel, when I open my eyes.
Its hard you know, being a girl like me,
because no one else see's the beauty underneath.
It hurts because you wake up hurting,
and you cry so much that your heart starts burning.
Burning with pain and sorrow,
and sometimes you feel as though you wont make it to tomorrow.
Well see this is just another "sad girl" poem,
but unlike some of them this one actually came from the heart.
This poem is special because I have been through this pain,
I was there all alone, left sitting there in the rain.
I'm the girl that everyone seems to express in there poetry,
Everyone seems to know .... the struggles within me ....

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