I'm juggling and I cant even juggle
I have the guts to say i really love you.
Because I do, I mean its true.
At times I love you more than I love myself, yeah I really need help.
Seems like you don't care,oh you do? Then show me dude.
I'm tired of trying to figure out your feelings.
Seriously tell me what the deal is.
Is it true or what, stop playing i'm about to give up.

Juggling with all these things in my head
Should I just drop them or keep going instead?

Alright, Okay maybe that's a little harsh but,you're more that that.
You go and flirt then, you say you don't care.
I don't understand your logic there?
Its hard for me to give up because I think I like you.
These type of feelings are brand new.
If you're aren't really down for me get lost.
I have to have someone to depend on.
Alright okay maybe that's a little harsh but you're more that that.

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