Stu, the Chopper Ridin' Squirrel Acquitted of all Charges .... Part Four

It was the trial of the century
Decided to give C.N.N. a chance.
But all day long they blamed Trump,
you know, same ole song and dance.

The judge had ruled the trial,
could not be held in Broward County.
Too much bad publicity there,
afraid the jury's votes would not be counted.

Trial moved to the land of fruits and nuts.
Stu was safe in a sanctuary city.
He knew he had it made,
when greeted by a welcoming committee.

Stu, found innocent of all charges.
My fault, now a defense I must mount.
I left the bike running in the street.
exceeding my Co2 carbon count.

Regarding the escape from prison.
a place he never should have been.
The jail supposed to be a gun free zone.
If Stu used guns to escape, the jail's at fault then.

Stu, wanted to stay in California
They said no, he could not live there.
The settlement reached with the jail,
now made Stu the squirrel, a millionaire.

Had pushed the bike in the street,
Welding, trying not to start a fire.
A couple of hours later, looked up
There he was, asleep on the front tire.

I still feel sorry for Stu.
He rode a chopper few can ride.
When I saw the security tape.
I was mad, but my chest swelled with pride.

I decided to give Stu another chance.
To see if he can make things right.
Have the nest from a cat carrier.
So I can always keep him in site.

We will see what the future brings.
I hear the ducks have formed a gang.
They don't want Stu on their turf.
Claims he is wacky and deranged.

R. S. Morris

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