Stu, the Chopper Ridin’ Squirrel Caught and Jailed …… Part Two

Extra extra, read all about it.
Stu, the squirrel has been caught.
A while back he stole my chopper.
Took all the seeds that I bought.

Looked for him high and low.
The bike was finally found.
In good shape, but out of gas.
Had been taken to the impound.

Stu escaped, don't know how.
The breakout picture, on live TV.
CNN blamed Trump for the escape,
continuing with the fake news, I see.

Stu tried to steal other bikes.
He was already on parole.
Didn't want to believe the stories,
and it was my bike that he stole.

He could be jailed forever.
PETA, demanding to set him free.
They don't care that he stole stuff,
or is a two time prison escapee.

Stu claims he's innocent.
Guns not used in the escape.
Says the ducks conspired against him.
He says look, it's all on videotape.

Allred wants to represent Stu.
claims he is alone and confused.
Stu, is disputing that meme.
So far, her help's been refused.

Stu charged with prison escape
and major crimes against others.
Seems his biggest offense though,
riding a chopper while wearing colors.

May be the trial of the century.
Something new in the annals of law
Attorneys don't know how to handle it.
Creepy porn lawyer is now involved.

Claims a female duck has come forward,
with info about Stu the squirrel.
It's hard to wrap your head around,
but it is a brave new world.

Built him a nest in the garage.
Used a cat carrier from the attic.
I kind of feel sorry for Stu.
He was both cunning and charismatic.

Can't wait to watch the trial.
O.J. will be watching as well.
Claims Stu stole his glove,
He is plotting to attack him in jail.

R. S. Morris

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Continuing saga of Stu the Squirrel