Stu, the Chopper Ridin' Squirrel Claims Asylum ..... Part 5

They're bringing in reinforcements
The ducks are moving in.
The pigeons are busy enlisting.
The doves flying in to join them.

They say Stu will soon be history.
Forcing him out of the 'hood.
The ducks are taking over
Stu claims he's misunderstood

In the garage, I hear the ducks plotting.
Ground troops are on the way.
At last count, 4 ducks, 2 ibis's
Even a turtle showed up yesterday.

Stu is now in hiding
I have made the bike more secure.
Can't run it in the street no more.
The carbon fine hit where it hurt.

I saw Stu hiding in the gutter.
His head pokes up now and then.
Waiting for the enemy to show up.
Duck brigade in step marching in.

Seen squadrons of ducks fly over.
Duck Air Force in battle simulation.
Not very stealth like though.
Loud honking in their V formation.

This is gonna be exciting.
Duck reporters have embedded within.
They say this is all Trump's fault.
What else would you expect from C.N.N?

My fingers are crossed for Stu.
Wish he used his talents for good.
Wished he hadn't stolen my chopper.
Said he had to, hoped I understood.

Claims he has a squirrel family.
In another 'hood far away.
Wants to bring and claim asylum.
Stealing the chopper was the only way.

I'm moving to Georgia next week.
Bring you and your family with me.
I think it is a cool idea.
You and your family then will be free.

Must agree never to steal my bike.
I will build you one you can ride.
Hopefully put these days behind you.
We'll cruise the highways, side by side.

R. S. Morris

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