Stu, the Squirrel, His New 'hood .... Part Seven

Stu and the ducks going to war.
I thought he finally understood.
The ducks, called in reinforcements.
They wanted Stu out of the 'hood.

I tried to get him to move.
Was Georgia bound at the time.
Stu wanted to stay in Miami.
I get it, the weather there is fine.

We made the the trip north.
Finally getting all settled in.
Stu I assume, working it out.
Want him and the ducks to be friends.

But Stu had his own plans,
Unknowing, he hitched a ride.
Guess he wanted a fresh start.
He wants to take over the westside.

He's got a new hood to rule.
He thinks he is now the king.
No competition in the 770.
Stu upsetting the order of things.

There are deer in these woods.
It's just a matter of time.
A new turf war will begin.
A new start, a new life of crime.

He's been scouting out patios.
Looking for nuts set out to dry.
Been caught leaving empty shells.
Neighbors are complaining nearby.

The bike locked up in the garage.
I know he is ready willing and able.
Don't want him stealing my stuff again.
But let's face it, he is just a little rebel.

Alas, he is stealing nuts and apples.
The food the deer like to eat.
Getting ready for future battles.
He will no longer accept defeat.

A deer with antlers gave chase.
Already had enough of Stu.
Only been here for a week.
A criminal at heart, I finally knew.

I've heard the deer whispering.
I've seen rabbits huddled together.
The birds flying in formation.
Waiting for the weather to get better.

I will help him if I can.
Hoping life here would calm down.
There is only so much I can do.
Always will be chaos when Stu is around.

R. S. Morris

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