Did you know that I still stay up 
Late at night silently crying 
Tears soaking my pillow 
And inside I'm slowly dying 
I still want to believe in you 
But deep down inside I know you're wrong      So scared to let you go 
Because I still believe that without you it's impossible to be strong
But I'm not happy with you 
So what's the point in staying 
Yet I'm not happy without you 
So what's the point in straying 
I'm stuck in the middle and so confused 
I don't know which road to take 
Why are you making me do this
You know it's a hard decision to make 
I've loved you for so long 
It's not fair to just throw it all away 
I can't act like we never were 
When you used to be my reason to make it through the day 
You were my rock, my Clyde, my Damie, you were my all
Now everything has changed and until I am rescued again, 
I'll always continue to fall.

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