I felt my heart hit the ground
Dropped so fast didn’t even make a sound
I hate how I have this feeling
My whole body hurts there’s no point in healing
At times I wish I never knew you
But then what would I do
If we never met I’d never know what perfection looks like
Please just let me quit
There’s just no more I have to admit
How many shots can I take before I’m dead
A ball and a God are the only reason I get out of bed
You used to be one of those reasons
But now your a reason that I stay in
I come to mind and immediately think of what I did wrong
There’s a reason why I’m always listening to songs
It’s so I don’t let my mind think
So my mind doesn’t want a drink
Another man's feelings make mine feel better
And try not to wonder what you did with that letter
I’ve just has enough of my attitude being so bitter
I don’t care how many of my friends call me a quitter
I think i’ll leave for a while
Which, is all a bluff because I’d just miss your smile
So I guess I’ll just stay stuck
And deal with these feelings that really suck
I’ll probably just text to get read tomorrow
And feel my heart drop again, this time caused by the sorrow

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