Stuck in a Time

If I lived a thousand years,
I probably cry one thousand tears
And if I lived one thousand years
I sadly die one thousands times

When each loved one faded
I would become incarcerated
Walls would build around my heart
Leaving me in the dark

If I lived one thousand years
I see the good and the bad
I would have to say goodbye to my mom and dad
My children would be so sad, for I don't age

My only friends I would ever have
Where the old trees that never left
For they are the only ones who don't die
They live one thousand years at a time
So if I lived a thousand years
I would probably cry one thousand tears
For every one I ever meant
Would be in the grave and dead

All alone I would be
Never knowing what would hit me
For when I died, I'd be at rest
A thousand years is not the best

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