Stuck in place

Step to the plate, take TWO swings, i hope you pay attention, to the message this prose sings
Emotional manipulation, is an childish game you play, you pretend God will hide your ugly, as if he's an Ace to play
Your arrogance makes me laugh,
Your suspicions make me scoff, doing what you're doubting of , then trying to pass it off
Doubt is your inner demon, one you choose to amuse rather cut aloft, you enjoy your inner chaos a sense of peace just puts you off
You say you know what "LOVE" is yet base it on CONTROL.. You cannot find your happiness for the lack of an empathic soul
You doubt because YOU cannot be trusted , and as such everyone's the same, your insecurities betray your demons, i know the pattern to this game
Your cruel streak is apparent, your thirst for chaos plain to see, your desire for conflict is daunting, and reflects you aberrantly
You met your MATCH within ME, you lost ground, respect, and face.
You THOUGHT emotions could control me..and i left YOU stuck in place

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