Stuck In The Closet

Locked in a place where it’s dark, empty, hollow
All alone, filled with sorrow
Hiding from the outside world with no defense
Afraid to be hurt and abused for loving the same sex
Forced to be different, scared to fight for myself
I have to cover how I feel, in order to fit in well
Heard stories about others who were brave to “come out” unlike me
Were bullied, murdered, considered as a disease

Hiding my feelings inside
Crying myself to sleep at night
Dreaming about their hateful and judgmental eyes
Don’t want leave my closet, what a surprise?
Self-hatred, trauma, stress
Wanted to go to church to be blessed
But afraid that the pastor preaches something I don’t want to be said
Like how my actions would lead me straight to Hell

I want to come out, I want to leave!
It’s so stuffy in here that I cannot breathe
It’s like I’m balancing on the edge
It’s like hanging by the last piece of thread
Loneliness, self-harm, suicide
Has been some of thoughts that has been roaming my mind
So to prevent this from happening, I’ll never forget
To sit back, be quiet and stay in the ‘Closet’

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