Stuck in the Closet

It's dark and cold
You're on your own
You're stuck in the closet

You want to escape
You want to choose your fate
You want to leave the closet

While nobody's staring
While nobody's caring
You make your way out of the closet

When you get out
Everyone shouts
You're finally out of the closet

The smile on your face
Begins to fade
They hate that you're out of the closet

Everything's changed
Nothing's the same
You miss being in the closet

Nothing is what it seems
It was just a terrible dream
You've always been stuck in the closet

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This Poems Story

My poetry was how I expressed myself. I felt alone and I was insecure about who I was. Writing was my only escape. This poem is based off my fear and anxiety and how eventually I gained confidence and learned to accept myself. Poetry is a powerful thing and something that I'll never take for granted.