Stuck On You

When all the things have become all right,
And the only worries are so few,
Even when the skies have become so bright,
With no signs of troubles that I once knew.
Still everything does not seem to be fine,
Still it's hard to believe that it is so true,
Maybe since I know it at the back of my mind,
Still, I just hope that I am not stuck on you.
So long it must have been,
Now I thought maybe I was fine again,
I knew my troubles were only to be seen,
Somewhere down the memory lane.
Then why do I feel the tears drop by,
And why do I think the world is not sane,
Even though there is no reason to cry,
Why am I still feeling this weird pain?
Maybe it has something to do with your pretty face,
Or maybe because the charm around you has increased even more,
Whenever you look at me I may show no trace,
Of how helpless the heart becomes to the core.
I wish I could read out my mind,
Oh, how I wish, if I only knew,
For I had never known a feeling of this kind,
Still, I just hope I am not stuck on you.

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