Rain is a Friend
Author: Evelyne Ashurov

It is raining...
The air is dull as I stand as if I were a statue,
But I wonder if I were to act like a statue?
I should just shatter the foundation
That holds my heart in place
So I could be a statue, just underground...
I hear my breath
Whistling through my nose
But I feel numb;
Not able to feel the worms
attached to my legs and arms.
I witness a creature...
It’s beautiful maroon eyes stand out
from his grey, soft body.
The creature stares at me.
As it comes closer,
I feel the gentle touch of the fur
So gentle; so eerie;
The creature takes out his beautifully, sharp nails
As if it was just for me.
I felt special
Yet, I felt alone;
Afraid of what is yet to come.
The creature gently takes my arm
And cuts the lightest part which contains the sense of feeling
on my skin.
The shiny blood matches the eyes of him.
Suddenly I felt a sudden relief
as if my pain which I haven’t known left me.
I woke in a sudden moment.
I felt cold as the breezy air in the room found me
I found a window next to me and looked at the rain
The rain poured down and imaged the creature.
I watched the rain...
I looked at my arm
saw the creature’s scars; it gifted me
But, I felt nothing
I went to a mirror
There was a line on my neck which represented a necklace
The lovely stroke represents me
It looks as if I’m a selfish monster
Hunting for jewels
I dislike my selfish deeds
But I am eager to do more
I look around the room
Unaware of my surroundings.
Everything is white
Even the flowers beside the bed I rested on
I despised this vision of mine, which brings me weakness
I went back to the window
I herd tears behind me
So gentle and calm
But I didn’t listen to the tears, I listen to the rain
I love rainy days
The rain is my only friend...
It will listen, It will be here
But the rain leaves me to
That's why I wish to disappear
Rain is a Gift, a Friend
You must cherish it
before it disappears
And never comes back
Just like humanity

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