Student Life

As I ventured my salient life,
My ears were to its commencing strife.
Having lived in wild imagination,
I realised it was my hallucination!
All days so bright and clear,
Until I stumbled with my greatest fear.

Notioning labour pays the price,
I witnessed fate was a primary dice.
Moving through phase so arduous,
I endeavoured only to be virtuous.
Confused how to move forward,
Everything appeared to be completely disordered.

Though I had no guarantee,
I believed every lock has a key.
Assembling all the courage I had,
I hoped coming days musn't be bad.
Positively approaching every test,
My friends,me gave our best!

Keeping our pleasures all at bay,
Responsibilities never let us play!
In a flash came our exam day,
Asking for victory is what we did pray.
Days in hardwork that we invested,
On bookish knowledge our brains they tested!

Hoping for best results we waited,
These were scores that were unexpected!
This deep down broken man,
Realised destiny always has different plans.
Matured and strong is what it made us,
Experience and lessons is what is taught us!

Ready to face every situation,
We approached a new destination.
All the worried we let it fade,
Positively we are still moving ahead!

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