Stunted Growth

Growing up is weird
You continue to repeat the same habits as you did as a child
Except things are slightly different
Gum packets become cigarettes
Sugar highs become drug highs
You might meet a boy with green eyes that sparkle with mystery
He will have the softest olive skin,
You will want to rub against your porcelain body
He has a different type of cooties now, STDs and heartbreak
When he rips away you might feel a gap that was once filled with joy
You'll take a trip to get away
Not in a story book with the narrating of your mother's soft voice
You'll walk to a bar,
Try to fill the emptiness
With as many shots of Jack Daniels as you can
When you were a kid you heard of a girl with the long brown hair,
Crying over the freshly scraped knees
Sitting on the blood stained cement
Instead of a bike she tries something new
She tries to love
Instead of scraped knees
She now has scraped wrists and a cracked heart
You see, growing up is weird
We have the same habits as we did when we were younger
But the moral behind them is slightly different--
Instead of doing things to enjoy life
We do it to kill a little monster called Pain

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This Poems Story

My name is Margaret Vivian. I just turned eighteen and I wrote this poem a year after my recovery from severe depression. During my journey I noticed a lot of things. One, everyone has monsters in their head and skeletons in their closets. I also learned that people will pretty much do anything to cope, keep their skeletons hidden and their monsters mute. The real moral behind my poem is that love can be either one of the most beautiful feelings or the worst.