Stupid Kids

My heart is beating rapidly out of control,
my palms are sweaty, I am nearly shaking now.
You think I'd learn, it's been a while, and
after all, he's only a boy. Just a boy.

Maybe that's the key, maybe that's the thing,
perhaps what we have is not some foolish fling.
All the girls chase him, they want him to hold,
to keep for their own.
He doesn't seem to notice, or maybe he doesn't care,
perhaps they're just girls. Just other girls.

But he's not some boy, no, he's much more than that,
constantly surprising, always mesmerizing.
To his talent nothing can compare,
he's simply amazing. He doesn't know how much I care.

I'm surely no different, how could I be?
But, for some reason, he's hooked on me.
Forever loving, the best that he's had,
because I'm not some girl, no, I'm much more than that.

Who knows how long we'll last?
We're just stupid kids, much too young to know what we want. Right?
Wrong! And that's the key, that's just it!
What we have is not a fling,
we've created a much more beautiful thing.

He's just a boy, and I'm just a girl,
But we're in love, in this crazy world.

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