Stupid Lovable Dog

I don't show much love to him
Even though he always wags his long tail when I come home
I call him stupid and idiotic
Though he still seems to smile at me when I look his way
I don't pet him or play outside with his favorite squeaky toy
Yet he still brings the toy to my feet like my mind will change
I insult him every day and sometimes I shut him out
But he waits by my door for hours to see if it will ever open
I'm cold to him and pay him no mind like he isn't real
The slobbering mutt still rests his head on my lap
For a scratch behind the ear
Even when I eat my meals or have a snack
The lazy moron bangs his head against the kitchen table
His nasty drool flying onto my jeans
Maybe he is an idiot and a disgusting dog
But he still loves me no matter what I do
He may not know it but I love him as well
Even if I fail to show it
To a such a stupid lovable dog

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