Stupid man's point of view on COVID-19


Commonly accepted philosophy of things' evaluation is:
Having its good side as well as its bad side.
But, why people don't feel that
COVID-19 may have its positive side?
That is due to people's prejudice.
As the old saying goes:
There will be a mistake, when
A wise man thinks over a thousand times.
There could be a gain, when
A stupid man thinks over a thousand times.
My poor dull-minded friend says:
COVID-19 may have at least one thing good.
I asked him what is its bright side?
He answered that it can postpone doomsday.
I asked him why and how?
He said it kills the immune weak population.
It preserves the immune strong population.
That will increase whole human beings' longevity.
Now, the world population has reached over 7 billion.
The current population doubling time is 35-50 years.
300 years later the world's materials will no enough,
To support such a huge population to survive.
COVID-19 pandemic is a cruel natural selection.
It reduces the overgrowth of population.
Is that a foolish person's gain in thousand thoughts?

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