Subliminal Surge

Crowned with thorns in place of insight
Subdued and cursed with empty delight
The knowledge they sell is far from the light
Chained by norms with no will to fight

Dug deep my soul, went out of control
Sort hieroglyphs and all forbidden scroll
Disdained and rebelled like a white-faced owl
My inside unfold, my sub-conscious growl

Cataclysmic irruption
From mass control and distraction
Extra-mundane instruction
With surgical germane precision

Subliminal surge
My existence, I purge
Through the untrue I scourge
In search of the source I splurge

Paddled far from the shores of ignorance
Face the tides of bitter resistance
Despite death and certain belligerence
I soar beyond the catacombs deliverance

I wade through time, space and dust
Through portals of infinite fust
Through shapes, dots and ethereal gust
I surge beyond the world I once trust.

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