Where, between the two, is the line drawn?
Bad? Good? Bad can be good?
Normalcy and kink, perversion and purity.
Where, between the two, is the line drawn?
Heart beating, heat flaring, as the whip cracks.
Do you know where you belong? I do.
On my knees, at his feet.
It's a proud place to be.
Giving up control-isn't it hard? Isn't it scary? No.
Give up control and I take control.
Pet, slut, whore these are insults! ......aren't they?
Whispered in your ear coupled with a moan,
Not an insult.
Growled against your skin when he grabs you,
Never an insult.
All of this? I fit.
Who would have thought I would, but I do.
It is the puzzle and I'm the piece.
Or, on second thought,
Perhaps I'm the puzzle, and it's the last piece.
Oh well, *shrugs* either way it's me. I fit.
I'm a sub, a slave.
His. I belong to him.

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