By Joy Li   

When I see you, I hasten to hide
for fear of you seeing my face bloom crimson like a battlefield,
everything but sanguine bodies concealed,
the pyrrhic victory revealed.

I can feel the blood recede from my head and rush to my chest,
and bubbling ever so ardently.

All perception is lost,
reality is an illusion.
The waves of you have taken me under.

And so downwards I sink.
Into a space.
With no one around.
Just myself, a wisp of a being floating in an unfathomable void.
Dark but strangely warm.

I want to absorb you,
consume you,
drink in your flesh;
intertwine our veins,
glue myself to you.
Oh what a predicament I am in,
To love someone so callous!
I am but a ripple in a boundless ocean so vast,
and you are sailing straight away.

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