Subtle Yet Deadly

The river flows every day,
for every day it is always scratching at the banks of the river.
The man approaches the river, he sits.
Watches as dirt and pebbles are carried throughout river.
He gazes at it, and contemplates.
The water is the interior of the land,
and it is slowly eroding it from inside out.
Just like that soft spot on the side of his abdomen.
He queries his body.
The river is like the diseased cells,
slowly eating his body inside out.
The river may seem so calm and subtle as a butterfly.
But over time it will turn into something bigger then you,
something that if not taken care of,
will take your life away.
Just like the mountain that holds the river, it continues,
so must the man.
However the man is as immortal as the banks of the river.
Slowly they will both eroded themselves to their own decimation.

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