Suburban Treachery

Flashes of humanity glimmer outside the windowpane
Cautious sips to hot coffee counting calories to see if I can order
The snow sparkles like stardust drifting in your dark brown hair
Coating you in unrepeatable patterns in a distinctly repeatable day

The oak library is one of the few comforts to suburban treachery
Between the shelves worlds and words surround me
I walk in the neighborhood past the houses
Some are houses, some are homes
Dormant trees stretch their barren branches
Piercing the gray sheet that covers the sky
This life that was given to me
This life as sweet as a spoonful of salt
Nourishes me in a brutal way

Snow and hot chocolate
Thrift store sweaters and candles
Will the winter of your life be kind?

I remember the swing set, I remember the tear-stricken talks
Almost forgot them
Which is peculiar, I thought I'd never forget when I saw you cry
No one gets to see the gray marble girl turn to glass
I wonder if you withered away, I wonder if you're sane
Kiss the broken boy goodbye please

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