So I woke up one day and realized, how my life was completely different.
I was not famous
I was not 19
I was old and worthless, people didn't want me.
I was kicked out of homes, made fun of in the streets.
Honestly I was a joke. Like that kid in the back of the class, who eats his own mucus.
I was at the bottom of the food chain.
That even mosquitoes didn't want to suck my blood at night.
Insane right!! But
All my life I have built a mountain so I can be greater than the word great.
So I could be successful. So that one day,
I will not have to be
The kid at the back of the class.
The old woman, no body wants.
So my name could write history.
So I could be remembered as the 19 year old.
With a huge dream!!
To be successful.

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    This Poems Story

    This poem is about my fears of the future, what I'm afraid to end up as. Which has a spinoff, ending with all the things I want but mostly SUCCESS .