Success, a River of Many Things

A river of many things, with many influences to guide its fish along
Influences greatly differing from one another
Coming together to shape, inspire, and teach its fish

The independent fish, finding its way through the river's path
Looking in its deepest bottoms and widest turns, only to find its way
Overwhelmed with the immeasurable path of the river
But eager to explore and take the journey

Water winding and twisting, it pummels the fish along its journey
Showing the way, not giving away, but guiding
strong current challenging, helping the young fish along, mother

Rocks all along the path appearing, getting in the way
Although in random order, the rocks shield the fish
Protect the fish from danger, creating a safe path, brother

Mud and dirt seemingly useless, sticking to the fish
Always there like an unscratched itch, fish progresses on its path
Mud takes action, for the fish has the knowledge to take initiative
The fish is now capable of anything and everything, father

A river of many things, water, rocks, and mud
Mother, Brother, and Father, by themselves great, as a whole amazing
Giving the fish a base to thrive and prosper
It moves on along its path prepared, and of mind to succeed

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