Such as These

By Reverie   

Your big brown eyes look deep into mine.
Searching for something, I really don't know why.
All I'm here for is to train you,
But you keep gripping on to me, like there's no where to go to.

Moments such as these, make me want to stay here.
To never go far, and always stay near.
Your tall height, the incline of your broad shoulder.
Going away will only make me grow colder.

As I train you, and teach you how to shoot your blade,
And on your breaks, as you rest under the tree's shade,
I can't help but let my eyes stare,
And let my mind speculate as to why you care.

You're hard to understand, which is contradictory,
Because your simple, boyish mind does not fit the story.
One moment you're strong, the next you fall into my arms.
My protective side comes out, and shields you from harm.

I still don't know why you are the way you are
But you know what? That's fine, that's how you won my heart.
It's moments such as these that make me feel
That surely all this situation is quite real.

When I first got here, you were a shy one,
You got scared by everything, even by day's sun.
As the days progressed, you got much stronger
And you finally realized, fear's stay here was not much longer.

And as your brown gaze falls deep into mine,
And we grip onto each other, our hands intertwined
I realize that this instant has made everything clear.
It's moments such as these that point out: this love is real.

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This Poems Story

It is the little moments that reveal the deepest and most impactful memories. It's the little things that count. This poem commemorates the spectacular phenomenon of budding love, and how it comes to be discovered: through the moments Such as These.