Such is Life

What is “Life” many may say
It is what you do each and every day.
Some let God lead them on each step they tread,
Others state, “I pave my way – God is dead!”
Life seems easy to some, so we think,
To others it’s hard and gone in a wink.
What do you think this thing life is all about?
If you know the answer, please shout it out.

Many will tell you that life is not easy.
So many things happen it’ll make you quite queasy
Death, drugs, sickness and family dramas
All affect life and many folks’ karmas.
Others seem to live life like a breeze,
They fit in life like carrots and peas.
But whether you feel life is easy or hard,
Let’s explore life since for many it’s marred.

It all depends how you look at each day.
Do you work all the time or leave time for play?
Why is it that you think others will make you happy,
When it’s really up to you to make your life snappy.
If you wake up and find that your day looks so dim,
Perhaps you’re depending too much on a whim.
Wake up with purpose and whom you will serve,
For God fortifies you with lots of strong nerve.

No one makes you happy, only you can
For the choices you make affect many a man.
Sure who friends are or husbands and wives
Affect us each day as we go through our lives.
But are they the only and primary reason?
Sometimes for others, we all commit treason.
Our creator blesses and guides every step,
Many still don’t want to accept that yet.

Our human hearts are quite fragile, you know,
Every day another one wants to let go.
Instead grab that rope and hold on tight,
Life is actually quite worth the fight.
Hardships bring families and people together,
Disasters have shown that people act better.
Black, white and brown start to work with each other,
No matter your heritage, race or your color.

So what’s life about, you still need to ask?
Take each day at a time and look at the task.
It’s all about doing and loving each other,
Each person you meet is your sister or brother.
We are on this earth, reflecting God’s image,
The world, after all, is just one big village.
Use your talents, your gifts, your blessings for good.
Use all to serve Him, for Life is about brotherhood!

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