Sucker for Love

I am a sucker for love
I am a sucker for hugs
I am a sucker for kisses
I am a sucker because I need love
Not just tender moments blown into the nights
I am fighting to express
that it takes two to make it right
I've seen the likes of honest love
once or twice throughout my life
and even now through wedding vows
I have a child; I have a wife
and I have yet to understand
just what a real love is like
What I know is like
I'm driving down a one lane road
with a dead end, the windows down,
and I'm driving in the cold
going 80 miles an hour; I avoid the warning signs
like the day before the dawn in the early morning times
I've drawn the line many times
and every time, it has been crossed
I have begged through written rhymes
just to get my point across
At any cost, by any means; I'm prepared to take a loss
The only choice I have is suffer
I've discovered from the source

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