Sucker for Pain

Emotions roll like tides in the ocean
Drinking them down is a powerful potion
The chaos it churns in my heart and my mind
Causing my thoughts to ignore all the signs
That tell me I'm off like a song skipping lyrics
You can tell me I'm wrong but I don't want to hear it
So I sit with myself and sink into that feeling
Lay back on the floor and I stare at the ceiling
The world seems so cold when my brain is an enemy
He may be my brother but today he's no friend of me
A sucker for pain and self destruction
But all this pain is my own construction
So I pump my brakes and reach for a hand
I believe it will come because I understand
That the world may be cold but there is warmth inside
The truth that comes when you can confide
In love and beauty and heart and soul
I try and see the world like a 3 year old
I deserve the best and I'm worthy of my dreams
My heart and my mind now on the same team
I get out of my way so I can feel the flow
The ocean of emotion feels less likely to blow
I sink in the acceptance of the truth I now feel
Knowing that I signed up for all of this deal
And drowning is okay if you can learn from the tide
It'll rise again but how high I'll decide

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