Sucker Punch


I'm The United Flag, I'm Who They Pledge To

I'm One Of A Kind I'm Just Not Meant To Be Compared To

1 + 1 I Was Just About To Say That Too $130 Pair Of Huaraches Is What I Can Afford

3 + 1 I don't Know What You Asking Me For (4)

How About 3b + 1 Didn't I Say I Didn't Know Before

My Rhymes Getting Gas So That Mean My Skills Is Fluid

He Said 6ix9ine His Favorite Rapper I Said Bro Is You Stupid

Them Crossing Guards Ain't Stopping Me

My Deodorant & I Graduating With A Hot Degree

Denzel & I Had A Party Out In Washington

I'm Committing Channel Murders I Just Snapped On Oxygen


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who's Exhausted Of Them All

Them Lines Is Corny

They Suck Like Lollipops

I Been That Bull Since Hopscotch

What I'm saying Is, Is that I'm top-notch

My Rhymes Like Biggie, I'm Flowing Like Tupac

My Shoe Collection Is Like An Army All Wear Is Air Forces

These Record Labels Want To Sign Me I Have A Couple Hot


Y'all poets spit Kool-Aid I spit acid out

I live in a madhouse eating up on some brussel sprouts

The school halls is sick, So I'm givin them cough drops

When it comes to the bunk bed is only right that I'm on the top


''Hey Aikhees We Should Be A Duo'' Um no thanks

I live across the street right from Tom Hanks

I use two chopsticks & one finger when I eat sushi

My CD wanna play bullets, So now I gotta shoot a movie

I'm able to resume back to normal shape I'm so elastic

I'm doing flips on a treadmill that's what I call gymnastic

I Cook Way Faster Than A Crock-Pot

This Dat Grandfather Popcorn The Microwave Be Like PopPop

Call Me Optimus Cuz I'm In My Primary

My Mute Button More Quiet Than A Library

My Skills Is A Flammable Gas I Call It Firedamp

The Point Of This Poem Is That I've Been Hot Since Summer Camp

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