Sudden Loss Of A Loved One

Silently he slipped from here,
To peace and beauty cross the fold;
Leaving us with many tears,
Trouble thoughts and hearts of cold.

Emptiness, yet full of pain,
Shadowed doubts of what has been;
Haunting us, yet time again,
Please wake us from this awful dream.

But, it is not trick of mind,
Nor deepened sleep, or thoughts unsteady;
How we wish we were not blind,
For this loss, we were not ready.

Listen close and hear the sound,
Above the noise of pain so deep;
"Do not worry, I have found,
A pain-free place of love to keep."

"Look inside your memories,
As well as in your lives and such;
You will find there is not a place,
That my life and love did not touch."

"Step outside and feel the breeze,
Gently caressing your sad face;
It is me here telling you,
I am with you in each and every place."

"Look up to the evening sky,
See the stars sparkling above;
Know your loved ones are up here,
Sending down much tender love."

"So grieve not for me very long,
And know that I am with you still;
Know that life must still go on,
I had to leave, it was God's will."

But, every moment, day and night,
Close with you all, I will be;
I may not be in visual sight,
But my love lives eternally."

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This Poems Story

This poem was written the evening of my brother\'s funeral. He was an amazing brother, who could make anyone smile. Losing him was like losing one of the brightest lights in my world. It was very sudden, and totally unexpected to receive the news of his death. He was one of those people you would describe as larger than life. I wrote this poem to remember that no matter when one departs this life, they still are with us in many other ways.