Suffering from Bipolar Blues

Feeling Lonesome and so uninvolved
As much as I try it will never be resolved
Some days it feels like it's impossible to weep
Other days I cry until I fall fast asleep
Windy days come up as I try to unwind
Some people tell me that it is all in my mind
If I had one wish it would be for me to try to muse
It feels so heavy on my chest.these bipolar blues

My family tries but will they ever really be aware of?
The range of emotions goes from anger, to extreme love
Some people label me as rare but I believe that I'm unique
I get sad and happy but it is love which I seek
I do try to communicate what I have got in my mind
Love is rare and hard to find and if found can make you blind
As hard as it is winning, why it is so easy to lose
I have no chance to be like others with these bipolar blues

Why would I choose to have some breathing space?
Find someone who would choose to fight in my place
No one will fall if they will not take a stand
But they do not mind taking details out of the sand
Why would I seek what I have already found?
If you knew me I know you would never come around

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