A broken soul, makes a broken heart.
The day that I regret, is the day we grew apart.
The arguing, screaming, tears, and all
Made this relationship come to be a big fall.
The endless nights of me crying at night.
My heart throbbing closing in so tight.
I can't breathe from the emptiness I feel inside,
The building up of pain filling up my pride.
I feel as though the depths of me is going through a breakthrough.
The loneliness I feel inside is becoming a big issue.
The walls closing in leaving me no air.
I'm left in this room filled with despair.
I'm counting my days left in this room to die alone.
I can't help to cry dealing with this all on my own.
If only you can hear my heart as it pounds against my chest.
As it pounds rapidly against all this stress.
I feel as though I'm not going to be able to let this all go.
I close my eyes to let all the tears flow.
However, it's hard when your heart will never let it go.
I give up fighting for life as I tremble in my room.
The last thing I remember is seeing the twinkling moon.
The moon twinkling so bright as it gazes upon my face
As I look away I begin to feel my heart beat in a slow pace.
My last words became my last breath.
I'm feeling as though I'm going through sudden death.
I'm suffocating.

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