Time goes by and never stops,
Never stops for me nor for you,
I am happy,
I am not pretty but I'm not ugly,
I am clumsy but I'm smart.

The world is sometimes on my tip of my nails,
One swell swoop and it all pours.
ray rain because I am neither white nor black,
I feel indifferent,I feel numb,
I feel my soul spilling into the atmosphere.

This loneliness,
It makes me weak, vunerable,
I don't need love,
Nor do I care.
I don't need someone, anybody.

The sweet glycerol number increases,
Too bad I wake up to my stomach,
Or when I drown, my only instinct causes me to go up.
Today I write my words in hope that one day I'll be free,a murderer,
Though I will repent by sweet, blissful death.

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