There is a certain pain where one understands the depths of suffocating
Grabbing the area where the heart beats to lessen the ache
Only to realize that it will never fully go away
We always wonder how someone can comprehend such despair
What could have caused this once vigorous person to become so lost in the misery
In those painful memories, they were in love
Attached to it they didn't look far enough to see the complications of it
The knowledge they had of the feelings was little
Oh, how if they could've read the book, understood what was to come of this
Maybe then all wouldn't be gloomy
Maybe then the lost soul wouldn't be so lost
The nights wouldn't be so cold
Tears wouldn't be uncontrollable
It’s simple when living in moment of the unknowing
To be so clueless it makes you want to be so reckless and wild
But what about being prepared to stop the crisis from coming
To know just a part of the future to claim some of the darkness parts and lock them up
Being able to have sunnier days, laughing with a genuine feeling of being okay
Seeing the better aspects of life creating a sense of hope

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