Sugar Sunday

I want some sugar
I want some sugar some candy n cream
Vanilla and chocolate with caramel dream
I want the naughtiest 
I want the naughtiest broadiest fiend 
Hot like a sauna but soakin in steam
I want the girl that wants me to be mean
She cooks and she cleans 
Bacon and steak in burrito supreme 
She's great with a cake 
With the shake n the bake 
n she's naked I'm takin the bait 
N a break from the team.
I want the nuttiest
I want the nuttiest buttery bean
Most heavenly Satan that I'd ever seen
Who sold me a sack of the purplest the green
The cookie dough nookie glow
Syrupy sticky dro
Lighting the night up
Or so it would seem

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