Suicide is on my mind again what a suprize
All my life I've been pushed down and fed with lies
I've been laying on this bed just trying to stop this pain
Trying to numb myself, stop myself from cutting a vien
With this razor that is my only True friend
Yes it's True
No one else really cares
Not even you
Even though you pretend that your there for me
I feel like your never there
Mom yes this is real I swear
Now stop treating me like I am worth something more
Cause inside you know that all I am is a whore
Sad all the time always wanting to die
Yea I'll say the word again, commitment suicide
And this is the truth I'm a helpless person
Moping around cause my heart is hurting
I'm Ganna end this all soon, I swear
In 2 years I'll have a gun by my ear
I'll pull the trigger
I'll end this life
No more hurting
No more razors no more life
Go figure
But at least suicide won't be on my mind
Because I'll be dead and gone when there's a flat line
So don't try to stop me
And whatever you do
Don't pick up the gun and turn it on you

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