She dried her eyes. Hold on tight,
Your stronger than this, She cried on her pillow.
Her demons are out to play, But it was he who helped them escape.
Her demons were his dolls, Her room was his playroom, Her bed was his experiment
Since the day she was born he was there.
He used to cradle her and put her to sleep. She used to feel comfort 
Now she is fearful of the days that pass
She does not see a future near
Everday that passes her demons whisper in her ear
Her nightmare came true and now her eyes are always blue.
Days are longer, time is slow.
She hopes and prays he will end it right there
But it never would
So there she lays with a note in hand 
Finally she is free.
As the birds sing their beautiful song,
It takes her away with a smile on her face
I'm free was her last words.

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This Poems Story

It's something that allot of people can relate to. I wrote this when I was 12. It was something I felt myself. In my life I've attempted suicide 4 times the last time was a year ago and the first time was when I just turned 13. Please if you are going suicidal or know someone that is, call the hotline it's 24/7 and they really can help. They understand. Call 1-800-273-8255 Available 24 hours everyday.