Suicde, some say is the way to end your pain,
But what about the pain for those that are left behind?
It's a pain they live with everyday,
A pain that never goes away,

There will be tears that never dry,
The question that is always asked,
Why did they have to die?
No one can answer because nobody knows,

So all you leave to the ones that loved you,
Is a life of pain and tears,
Your pain for you is all gone,
How are the ones left supposed to go on?

Some say suicide is the easy way out,
I think it's selfish to cause someone so much pain,
For years I have lived with the pain of the past,
I wish I knew how long my pain would last,

Suicide to me is the cowards way out,
I wish I could go back and change the past,
I wish you knew what your decision would do,
It left me loving and hating you.

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