suicide blossom

Time flashes past
Roses bloom
They wilt so fast
Such beautiful doom
Precious life
Given and taken
Dark noises and hurtfull vocals
Cause rosebuds to be forsaken
One rose can make this world full of joy
But melancholy blues hits the heart
Creating demons that use death as it's toy
Tearing friends and family apart
Conversations and confessions make the toll better
But love and affection can save a whole garden
From far places a call or even a letter
Even an enemy can deserve your pardon
Don't discourage others and fall to hate
Don't be the end of a flower's growth, make it harden
Be the one to help that flowers fate
Be the one to help our oath
Save our roses and help grow our Eden
help the world become loving and grand
let them bloom through every season
nurture their soil to make them stand
every rose is blooming for a reason
don't let death wilt their pedals to land

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This Poems Story

this is my, one of many views, on my thoughts for suicide