Suicide-bomber – The journey beyond!

As my soul soars, higher and higher
I look down below, amused
At all the mourners crying, wailing
Some genuine, some fake
Crying for pretense's sake!
My journey into the realm yonder
Has only just begun!
I think of my life, its ups and downs
My near and dear ones
My friends, my comrades
Still strapping bombs to their bodies
Fired by, what I now rue
False, misled ideology
Tomorrow, their limbs will probably lie askew
Ripped apart by fanaticism
As mine lay, just hours ago!
Was it worth it? I ask myself
Being a pawn of zealots
Who have nothing to lose, but a bomb?
Mine will not be a revered tomb
But only an unpleasant reminder
Of inhuman deeds, avoidable tragedies
Of a life wasted, chasing an illusion!

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