Suicide Criminal

I almost lost my best friend last night,
I've never experienced such a scary fright.
One minute she was here hanging out with me,
the next she's texting me telling me she can't even see.
I didn't know her depression had gotten this bad,
to where any of her thoughts automatically made her sad.
She tells me how she doesn't want to be alive,
but im doing my best to be sure she will survive.
Looking for a gun to end it all,
she gets disappointed when bullets are all that fall.
That didn't make her stop though,
she wouldn't stop until it was the end of the show.
She finds something to slice her wrists,
nothing could make her want to resist.
Her arm starts to go completely numb,
followed by the blood that starts to come.
"I can't do this anymore"she starts to say,
"I don't want to be alive for even one more day."
The bloods pouring out and it doesn't stop,
it just keeps flowing drop after drop.
I think i cut open my vein,
she says she's starting not to feel anymore pain.
Her emotions are no longer under her control,
and even in me she can't even console.
Her mom walked in on her just in time,
to catch her in the act of her suicidal crime.

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